I picked up my new sewing machine on Sunday, but didn’t get chance to have a go with it until yesterday. Manual at the ready and assurances that Janome sewing machines are idiot proof, it took me just an hour to thread it. Yes, I probably did have my tongue sticking out one corner of my mouth, but heck, it’s a high tech job, requiring complete and utter concentration. I looked at the pictures in the manual and tried to match them up with bits on the machine sat in front of me. Well, it was no use reading the manual as it was obviously written in some sort of code or foreign language. ‘Clutch knob, tension spring blades, hook cover plates, presser foot and shanks (but strangely no pancake rolls or egg fried rice?) ‘ – yup, definitely a secret code that only W.I. members or rocket scientists can understand?

But I got there and had little bits of scrap fabric at the ready to do the test drive. Wow, I managed a straight(ish) line and a reverse and a three point turn (yeh, the bit where you turn the fabric and sew in another direction). Confident with my new and adept skills, I turned to YouTube to watch a video of a lady making a 5 minute slip cover for a cushion. Following that, I made my slip cover, which took me an hour. I think the show-off lady on you tube must have speeded up the video, or had snorted 3 lines of coke just before filming commenced.

I was just finishing the cushion cover when my hubby came home. It was a very, very proud moment indeed, when I showed him my advanced technical skills. I could tell he was impressed, but he just played it cool and said “that’s nice” before rummaging in the fridge for munchies (fat chance, I got there first; sewing is stressful and builds up an appetite).

Back to my comfort zone for a moment. The little black number I’ve been working on had the ribbon trim added today. Here’s a pic of the inside:

And one of the outside:

Out of my comfort zone for a moment… My first arty farty picture is done. I was in two minds. Madame Fifi was only intended to be a practice run, but I did a bit more work to her and once her breasts were re-positioned above her navel, she started to look half decent. She also had one eye higher than the other, peculiar fingers, off-set legs and for some strange reason, an iguana type creature in one of the bird cages. I didn’t like to mention such trivial imperfections to her in case she became self-conscious; instead I wafted her with a bit of Tipex and a bit more felt tip. Think of it as Botox for the 2 dimensional. I’ve added some French postal stamps and some script, which were glued on. Pic to follow when it’s dry and scanned. I’m sure that Photoshop would make short work of all this, but alas, I have to make do with old fashioned methods at the moment.

I may well go back to painting one of my roses to restore some confidence before moving onto one of my next bright ideas.