Just as I peaked in the Sewing Machine Sprint, it dawned on me that I was a week too late, what with Olympics being done and dusted. Three cushion covers in two and a bit hours would have taken some beating. And I’m not wanting to brag, but I managed to squeeze in a bit of bobbin winding too.

Following a brief pause to catch my breath and wallow in smugness at my new found speed and skill, I grabbed a few pics. Here’s the three cushions:

Shabby vintage fabric transfers

The cushion covers are made from unbleached calico, which I bought for less than £3 per metre ( I seem to think it was about £2.70). I managed to squeeze about two and a half (18″ x 18″) cushions per metre, so they’re incredibly inexpensive to make, but look the dog’s doo dahs once they’ve been ‘prettied’.

And here’s Madame Fifi, fresh from the Botox Tipex clinic:

Madame Fifi hasn’t found her way onto a cushion, but I might put her image onto a tote bag, if I feel like stretching my amazing sewing abilities even further:-)

I’ll be starting a new design tomorrow – not sure what yet. I quite fancy a drawing of a table with some pretties on it and a woman sat looking stylish and vintage. Painting tables I’m comfortable with, but drawing them, well I’m not so sure…