Oh, a nice serene day, sat at the sewing machine making pretties. First I forgot how to thread the machine, so had to resort to looking in the rocket scientists handbook. At one point I tried to convince myself that black thread on cream calico would look just fine.

Onwards and upwards. I then sewed a cushion the wrong way. Instead of good side to good side, I had good side to bad side, so had to unpick the whole lot. Here they are, none the worse for wear:

This afternoon was looking better. I had some tote bags to make; they looked easy enough. But first I had to do some transfers of the new designs. I got out the ‘flat, firm surface’ and did the first transfer:


Gorgeous isn’t she! *tut*

I then looked at my state of the art ‘flat, firm surface’, which was no longer flat, nor firm, hence the above disaster (the iron hadn’t pressed the middle of the transfer because the ply board had a saggy belly):

nice flat surface!

I varnished a few handles and smouldered, and so did the iron because I forgot to switch it off.

No worries, I could just cut another piece of calico and soldier on, except there wasn’t enough calico. So, instead of some nice trendy tote bags to show off the laydeez, I have these pieces of fabric, each looking for a soul mate to join up with:

Mademoiselle Giselle and Oh la la!

Sewing and I just don’t go that well together really. I start out with good intentions, but I’m just not cut out for it.

Never mind, it’s all in a day’s work and I’ve not too many more samples to do. Just as well!