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I’ve spent much of this week working on the fabric transfers, which are mostly black and white. The tote bags were sewn today. I used some toile fabric on the back of one of them because I’d run out of calico and it worked just fine:

Calico tote bags, with fabric transfers

So away from all the black and white, now it’s time for a bit of bling.

I’ve a dressing table due for a refurb and just couldn’t decide on whether to go pale duck egg or pink or cream. So why decide? Why not just make a pig of myself and go with all three? I might pull it off, I might not, but it’s not the end of the world to go back to square one and re-paint. In my mind’s eye, the colours all kind off blend into one another in a seamless fashion. But that’s my mind’s eye and my work doesn’t always turn out quite as planned.

At the moment, the dressing table is mahogany and very tired:

mahogany dressing table

It’s been sat waiting for a few weeks, perhaps hoping for a nice little bit of beige. Dressing table is in for a surprise. Hubby is unaware of my plans; he’s only just coming around to distressing. I sand away at the edges and he looks on nervously. “A bit more do you think?” say I. “NO, NO, it’s fine just as it is” hubby replies, whilst trying to sound casual, but failing miserably. I can see that he finds it all an act of criminal damage; to take a piece of freshly painted furniture and sand away the smooth paint. There was a bit of a turnaround when I painted the first bureau in black. He came back from work to find the bureau distressed and dark waxed. I expected fireworks, but he really liked it. So maybe 3 colours will be okay, once he’s gotten used to the idea:-)

Progress pics to follow…