Well, I went for it with the dressing table. Having had a break from painting for a few days, I was on a roll and made very quick progress despite having a couple of enforced breaks due to thunderstorms.

The round handles are glued onto the drawer fronts, so I couldn’t remove them and had to work around them as best I could. I’d planned on painting them anyway, so it wasn’t the end of the world.

I really wasn’t sure about my bright idea after the first coat:

Autentico ‘Mauve Faux’ and ‘Pink’

But I thought that with a bit more work, things could possibly pull together:

Autentico ‘Nautique’ and ‘Mauve Faux’

Sure enough the dressing table did start to take shape. I kept the carcass quite plain, painting it with Autentico Vintage ‘Cocos, with just the drawers adding a splash of colour. By Saturday afternoon, I’d finished the painting and flashed over the handles with ‘Cocos’. By the time my hubby came home, I’d done much of the painting and surprisingly, he liked it!

What I have now is the bare bones of where I want the dressing table to finish up. I’m happy with the colours, but it looks a bit too new and contrived. I want something that looks a little more casual and lived in and hope that my finishing and waxing will get the look that I have in my mind’s eye.

The handles were painted in Cocos, then flashed with silver and rubbed over to reveal all 3 layers of colour (including the original brass):

silver flashed over the cream

With the waxing and distressing, I added a touch of the ‘lived in’ look I was aiming for:

distressed paintwork

And that’s about it:

Dressing table painted in Autentico Vintage ‘Cocos’, ‘Pink’, ‘Mauve Faux’ and ‘Nautique’

The forecast is saying heavy rain tomorrow, so I think I’ll push on with something else…