I took a glance at the yew table top on Monday morning and knew it wasn’t quite right. Although the colour looked fine and I’d managed to smooth out many of the flaws and paint speckles, the finish looked dull and a little patchy. So it was back to square one and I gently hand sanded the table top, cleaned it up and went for a varnish finish. By the time I’d finished, the weather took a turn for the worst and it was left in the paint shack to dry.  The paintwork was second coated too, so hopefully it’s just a matter of waxing the paint, but it depends how the varnish cures over night…

Also on the go is a chest of satinwood drawers, which were pretty straight forward to ‘do’. It was a team effort, with hubby doing the prep and me interfering lending a helping hand with the painting. The carcass has been painted in Autentico Vintage ‘Nautique’, with the drawers painted in ‘Copenhagen Blue’, which is a lovely soft and pale shade, that’s almost duck egg, with grey/blue/green tones. If the weather is kind, the chest of drawers will be waxed tomorrow and I’ll grab some pics of the finished items.

Having gone through a quiet spell, business is starting to pick up again and I’ve got a busy week ahead of me. There are lots of bits and bobs to do, which I want to get out of the way before starting a big refurb project that’s way overdue. I’ll have to pick a time when the weather looks ok for a couple of days, because it’s not much fun trying to lift solid oak in and out the paint shack when the rains suddenly come down.

I have been giving Jasper a ‘pep talk’. He’s by far the biggest horse in the village, but is a bit of a softy who gets bossed about by the horses in neighbouring paddocks. A small pony mare got completely boss side of him earlier this year and he would rear up on the road if he saw her coming back from a hack. I nicknamed the pony ‘Margaret Thatcher’ because she had that bossy way about her. The pony’s owners thought it was hilarious that such a big horse could be so afraid of a petite pony mare.

A new pony has arrived in the next paddock and Jasper seems to really like him, but the pony has been quite bossy with Jasper and regularly nips him and makes him squeal. I went to visit Jasper in the paddock and he was stood talking to the pony and I could hear him making silly girly squeals. “Listen here Jasper” said I. “You’re twice the size of him, have lived here the longest and you should be ruling the roost”. I gave my boy a gentle pat, ruffled his mane and made my way up the lane towards home. I heard a really loud squeal and just knew I couldn’t ignore it because it sounded so serious, so made my way back down the lane to see what the trouble was. As the horses came into sight, I could see Jasper leaning with all his (considerable) weight against the fence. In between Jasper’s rump and the fence was the pony’s head! It wasn’t Jasper that was squealing! I decided to turn a blind eye and hot footed it home quickly.