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Okay, I promise, no more corny ‘Yew’ titles.

The table top looked pretty much the same this morning as it did last night, so that was a good start. There was just the paintwork to wax and that was the table done and dusted:

Yew occasional/dining table, painted in Annie Sloan ‘Old Ochre’

Meanwhile, hubby was busy with the chest of drawers. Very busy in fact. Five coats busy as a matter of fact. It would appear that if the second, third and fourth coats don’t look good, well just keep going… Later on, I sanded and sanded and sanded and re-painted this afternoon! “Why have you got that look on your face” said hubby. I ignored him.

Having picked up the pot of paint and given it a stir, the problem was obvious – the paint was a bit too thick. The plastic spoon standing upright in the paint was a gentle hint, which went right over the top of hubby’s head. Hubby must have thought that too much brush strokiness could be cured by adding more and more layers of paint. For the record, it didn’t work today, it didn’t work last week, last month or even last year. Maybe September will be his month and ten coats of paint will produce that flawless finish he’s striving to get, if only his wife wouldn’t interrupt him halfway through the process.

Anyway, the chest of drawers lived to tell the tale (and hubby cleared off out for an hour or two, just to be on the safe side). Here it is looking rather smart in its new livery of Autentico Vintage ‘Nautique’ to the carcass and ‘Copenhagen Blue’ to the drawers:

Satinwood chest of drawers, painted in Autentico Vintage ‘Nautique’ and ‘Copenhagen Blue’

The photograph isn’t a good representation of the ‘Nautique’, which is a brighter blue than depicted. The chest of drawers needs waxing and I’m tempted to distress the edges. I think the ochre satinwood hues would look good contrasted against the soft blues.

I’m not planning on painting tomorrow as I’ve orders to get ready and paperwork to catch up on. I’ve some samples to sew later in the week and then will be looking for a couple of good days weather to start on the big refurb. I’m enjoying the variety of work that I’m doing at the moment; a change is as good as a rest.