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Regular readers will perhaps have realised that I’m obsessed with the weather. I like warm, or hot and dry. I’m often disappointed! Today has been cold and windy, not at all to my liking and yesterday was even worse, with persistent rain. On the bright side, much of this week’s work has been inside anyway, but I did have to postpone the waxing of the satinwood chest of drawers, which should have been done yesterday, but had to wait until this afternoon:

Satinwood chest of drawers, painted in Autentico Vintage ‘Nautique’ and ‘Copenhagen Blue’.

I went for a bit of distressing to the paintwork – I wanted to show glimpses of the satinwood through the paint to add contrast and to marry into the newly sanded top:

Distressed paintwork

I’m behind with my work schedule for this week and should have sewn some samples today, but time ran away with me. Hopefully I’ll get them done tomorrow. If the weather picks up, I’ll be starting the big refurb this weekend. I’ve not really had chance to consider what paint I’ll use on it. Once that’s out of the way, I’ve got a few small items to tackle and will then have to go off buying.

I’d promised to do some decorating before winter, so ought to try and get a few days off in the next week or two. I’d rather work, but every time I go in the bathroom I look around and sigh at the dated and scruffy decor. I’ve also decided to make some eyelet curtains, but they will have to wait a few weeks – I need to get a little more proficient with the sewing machine.

Jasper’s summer coat was looking very tired and yellowish, but yesterday’s rain worked wonders and he came in yesterday evening looking lovely and white. This evening, he was quite sharp; the cool weather made him cheeky and I was kept on my toes whilst walking him home through the village.