I went buying today and at one point thought that I’d come away with nothing. All the items that I’d short-listed were fetching big money and by mid-morning I was wondering whether I’d come home empty handed. But I did manage to buy seven items and what a mixture they are.

My first purchase was a retro music centre, complete with a record deck. That will be made into a tv cabinet – it has a drop down front, ideal for dvd players and media items. Second was a large dining table. I didn’t realise quite how large until I read the description on the invoice, which says it’s 8ft long when extended! I look forward to lifting that on and off the van! The other items include a bureau, a pair of bedside cabinets and a telephone seat. It’s a while since I refurbished a telephone seat and I do enjoy doing them.

Last but not least is a retro chest of drawers, with a matching dressing table; they’re not at all my usual kind of thing, but I have plans for them. It’s nice to ring the changes now and then, and the beauty of my work is that there are no boundaries and no rule books to say what I can or cannot do. Of course I have to make an item look good, otherwise I’d be out of business quite soon, but nevertheless there’s a very wide margin of styles and products to work with. And that’s what I love about this job; the variety of work makes my work interesting and fulfilling.

But before I embark on any of the above refurbs, there’s the small matter of the big dresser. The weather looks good for a couple of days, so I guess tomorrow I’ll be pushing on with the base.