It would appear that there is some confusion at Barrister’s Horse Towers as to whom is the Master and whom is the Servant. I arose bright and early and gave Jasper his breakfast. He stands quietly in his stable until he hears the loo flush, then he starts snorting for his brekkies. So I’m brushing my teeth and having a wash at break neck speed; pulling on clothes and hot footing it downstairs, only to be met by the sound of crashing. Jasper has lost his cool and the tools neatly stacked outside his stable door have been flung across the yard. There’s more snorting because he can see me in the kitchen and I’m putting the kettle on, whilst he is waiting for breakfast. How utterly selfish of me to take 5 seconds to flick the kettle switch.

Breakfast is served to His Lordship and it’s quiet for ten minutes. Then the snorting starts again and the neatly re-stacked tools get tossed across the yard again. I abandon my coffee and go to give His Lordship some attention. He has a quick brush down, then the stable door is opened so His Lordship can potter in the back garden. Then my friend arrives to pick up the spinning chair and His Lordship decides that he wants it for himself, so gets all jealous and stroppy when friend is taking it to the car. Then His Lordship decides he wants to go to church, so we wander down the road to church and then wander back up again. He then wants to go walkabout elsewhere, but I’ve work to do, so seek to persuade him that the paddock is a perfectly good (and normal!) place for a horse to be. We get there eventually, stopping off en route to say hello to neighbours and to sample the vegetarian delights that grow amongst the hedgerows.

I come home and grab 100 handles that need varnishing, then muck out the stable. Then hubby appears and decides that it’s a good day for me to paint (how I love having the worry of making a decision taken out of my hands!). The dresser base is heavy, but it’s humped into the garden. Hubby then decides that he can go shopping and I can paint. Hubby then comes home and I say that I need to grab a coffee, but he makes me one so that I don’t have to leave off painting… Then hubby says he’s off to his friend’s to watch some football, adding that he doesn’t like the colour of the dresser. Then I carry on painting. So just in case you sometimes feel sorry for my ‘hen-pecked’ husband and horse…

Anyway, here’s some pics I took this morning. The carved detail to the dresser base is washed over with chalk paint:

colour washing

I haven’t removed the hinges fully because the metal is very soft and I’ve learnt through experience that they just don’t go back on properly:

loosened hinges

It makes the painting very fiddly, but saves on having to mess about with ill fitting doors and handles at the end of the refurb:

Yup, I have to paint around those handles

By the end of today, the base will be further on, but the top won’t be touched today. For such a big item, this is a fiddly refurbishment, because there are no ‘straight runs’ to pick up some speed, but I think it’ll look good when it’s done:

A dresser base in progress

Yes, I know it looks a mess, but trust me.

Coffee break over, I’d better get back to painting…

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