We have some quirky old laws in this country: Drunk in charge of a horse being one of them, drunk in charge of cattle being another. As far as I know, there isn’t a ‘drunk in charge of furniture’, which is just as well because I’ve just quickly quaffed a pint of Crabbies on an empty stomach and feel decidedly intoxicated. I’ve been painting in the sun today and just needed something cool and refreshing, and I love chilled ginger beer – if you haven’t tried Crabbies, it’s well worth a go, even if, like me, you’re not a beer drinker.

Onto slightly more sensible matters. I have a garden full of furniture and quite where it’s all going to go is, at present, is a bit of a mystery. I thought you might like to see some of the items in the raw, so here goes. I have big ideas for this retro chest of drawers:

retro drawers

There’s a matching dressing table too, which will have something a bit different done to it:

One of my staple diet items; a telephone seat in need of a facelift:

telephone seat

Another staple diet item – this bureau has a bookcase that sits on top of it:

oak bureau

These barley twist chairs need a bit of tlc, but they’re solid oak, so nice and sturdy:

barley twist chairs

And here’s where I was at lunchtime with the dresser base:

dresser base

And here’s where I’m at now:

dresser base after painting

There’s quite a bit of tidying up to do before waxing, but it’s getting there slowly.

I think it’s time for a large coffee!