I’ve been working on the top to the dresser today, and it’s just as fiddly as the base. To make matters worse, the CEO of the company made his usual thorough inspection and wasn’t happy with the standard of my work:

How to make a large dresser top look small

He peeped under the edge and told me I’d missed a bit. I really must try harder:-)

Quite how the CEO got a grass stain in his armpit is a bit of a mystery? The poor lad has had a bit of a set back in his ongoing issues with Cauda Equina Syndrome. He was very wobbly on his legs on Monday evening, and so was I after the Crabbies, so we made a good pair staggering up the road together.

A customer came to collect some furniture yesterday and heard Jasper neigh from the back garden. “It’s my horse; he’s having a duvet day” I explained. “Oh” said customer, looking slightly unnerved.

I should make a start on the dresser waxing tomorrow. My dad has sanded the top to a huge dining table, so I’ll be going to have a look at that and will then be deciding what paint to use on the legs.