The big dresser is nearly finished. The base was waxed today and the painting of the top was finished, so hopefully that will be waxed tomorrow.

My dad has been working on the big dining table, which he initially thought was pine, and I thought was mahogany. It’s walnut. I had my doubts about mahogany when I lifted it off the van; it just wasn’t quite as heavy as I’d have expected for mahogany. The top was lathered in many layers of badly damaged varnish, and my dad has done a cracking job sanding it all back. The walnut graining, that was hidden beneath the varnish, is stunning, so it’s not going to be re-varnished; a simple bees wax polish and a buff is all that’s needed. The base in being painted in Annie Sloan ‘Country Grey’. I had a change of heart over the colour when I saw the lovely graining and decided that the cool, neutral shade of the ‘Country Grey’ would work best in letting the table top be the star of the show.

It’s been a really busy day today, but I managed to sew four cushions before calling it a day. I’ll be pleased to see the finish of the dresser, it’s been really hard work. Some smaller refurbs next week will hopefully restore my oomph.