Today was a day of chores. Nothing creative, just the ‘goes with the territory’ humdrum end of the job. A large dining set was wrapped, ready for collection tomorrow. The rain had set in good and proper by the afternoon, so I spent a couple of hours working out the design for the retro set of drawers I bought a couple of weeks ago:

retro drawers

I mentioned a while back that I wanted a legal London chest of drawers. Inspired by the subway art stuff (see pic below) that’s popular in the States, I thought that mine would look cool with London Underground stations that have a legal connection:

I’d like to keep them for myself, but as with all the furniture I refurbish, it will go on sale, but if no-one buys it, I might just convince myself that I really do need another chest of drawers. They would be quite useful for storing the smaller paraphernalia that goes with my job – sewing stuff, ribbons and my art materials etc. There will be a delay before I start the drawers, as I’ve got other items lined up for refurbs, but at least I got some of the fiddly preparation out of the way.