This is a local blog post, for local people (well UK anyway). Those of you who aren’t familiar with Royston Vasey will just have to do one of those insincere, knowing smiles and go with the flow:-)

There’s ten of em. Yes ten. But not just any ten, just the first ten. I’m hoping my email/comment issues are solved, or this post will go down like a lead balloon!

Yes but what?” I hear you say. “Ten of what?

My fabric transfers that’s what. You can have a Mademoiselle Giselle or an Oh La La!:

Calico tote bags, with fabric transfers

They can be used for any sort of fabric craft – cushions, seat pads, tote bags etc… The transfer will be sent with a set of instructions. I don’t supply the fabric (which will need to be capable of being ironed on a hot/very hot setting (linen, cotton, calico are all ideal)).

So, all you need do is leave a comment telling me which transfer you would like, and the first ten will be sent one forthwith, if not sooner; well next week anyway. And just in case you were wondering, I don’t use your email for any promotional purposes, won’t pass it on to any third parties and won’t contact you if you haven’t been one of the first ten. If you have been one of the first ten, I’ll email you and ask for your postal address. Please don’t post your address with your comment.

Sorry, but this is a UK only freebie.

Just one last thing… If you do happen to strike lucky, I’d be grateful for a photo of the item you pimp with the transfer, which I’ll pop on the blog. You can have a free plug if you wish, or I’ll just say ‘one of the winners made this’.