There are those that are born lucky (who don’t use a primer and get away with it). And then there’s me.

I’ve started work on the retro chest of drawers that’s going to have legal London Underground words on it.

I thought you might like to see what can happen when you don’t use a primer:

The white chalk paint has turned a streaky orange colour in places, where the furniture stain has bled. Just in case you can’t see what I mean:

Am I bovvered? Nope. For once, the stain bleed is working in my favour, or at least I hope it is. The white chalk paint is just the base colour and I want an aged look, like these drawers have:

You can see that the white is quite tarnished and distressed, and I’m hoping that the non use of primer has saved me a lot of distressing at the end of the refurb. We’ll see?

Hubby came to peer in the paint shack and remarked how unusual and interesting the paint effect I’d produced looked:-) He was disappointed when I told him it was the furniture stain bleeding into the paint.

Next task is cutting out loads of letters with a tiny scalpel. Great!