My dad has been sanding down a pine table for me. It was caked in paint and an impulse purchase at an auction. I regretted the purchase when I saw how much paint there was to remove, and cursed because I fallen into the trap of buying something that looked ok from a distance (but looked like hard work when viewed (after I’d bought it) close-up). I seldom buy painted furniture because it can be problematic, but nice items were thin on the ground that week, so I was a little less selective than usual. Sometimes I never learn!

The table is tiny, but cute – quite a difference to the huge walnut table that dad worked on last week (hence the title)! One table is well over 7ft, the other barely 2ft!

I’ve been working on a bureau today and hope to get it more or less finished tomorrow. This week has been busy and I didn’t pause to get snaps, but will hopefully remember to do so tomorrow.

Jasper has just been hand fed his ‘supper’ whilst lying down. Quite the barrister’s horse! When he was ill and on medication, the only way I could get him to eat Bute (an equine anti-inflammatory/painkiller) was to sprinkle the powder on a lemon curd butty. The lemon curd butty supper ritual remains, although the routine, daily medication stopped 18 months ago!

When I bought Jasper, as a 6 month old foal, I didn’t know what to feed him. The special foal mixes sounded a bit too calorific for a native, chunky little chap, so I rang the Spillers nutritional help-line for some advice. They told me not to feed the foal food, but to give him high fibre cubes because they were less fattening and more suited to a native breed’s metabolism. The cubes are quite large, so I was advised to soak them, to make a mash.

When Jasper was very poorly two years ago, I went back to feeding him the ‘baby food’ mash, because his tummy was very delicate. He’s stayed on the mash since. Although he’s a big lad, he’s not quite so tubby as I’d like him to be. Going into Winter, he needs a bit of padding to keep him warm, so today I bought him some ‘proper grub’. He had a cup full of Cool Mix with his usual mash this evening and once his head went down to his feed bucket, it didn’t pop back up until every last little morsel had gone. I’ll up the ‘dosage’ of ‘proper grub’ over the next few days, and just hope his digestive system copes ok. Seeing as he stole my vegetable korma a few weeks back and lived to tell the tale, without any ill effects, I think he should be ok?