It’s something that I’ve taken for granted, but why is it that women paint furniture.? Or to put it more precisely, why aren’t there many men who refurbish furniture for a living?

The men in the industry tend to be furniture makers, who offer a painting service as an add-on, or a bit of a side-line when things are quiet. But just looking around at other blogs and businesses, it’s an industry dominated by women.

The obvious answer I suppose is that it’s something that women can do from home and combine their career with family commitments. But there are quite a lot of single women and women with no children, or grown up children who refurbish furniture.

So, it’s a bit of a phenomenon. Other similar trades tend to have a hefty percentage of men – painters and decorators, carpenters, cabinet makers, French polishers, furniture dealers…

I can see why certain men wouldn’t want to be florists or hairdressers, because those trades have a ‘nudge nudge, oh he must be gay’ tag attached to them. A straight man might be embarrassed to admit he has an interest in hair design, or flower arranging, for fear his peers will tease. But refurbishing furniture is quite hard work, with lots of lifting, use of power tools etc., so my question still isn’t answered.

I just wonder if it’s simply that men aren’t really that interested in furniture?

Anyway, whatever the reason, I’m all for a bit of girl power. Long may it last!

On a different topic; I had to finish painting early today, to get furniture ready for the courier, so sorry, but I didn’t manage to get pics of the latest items. Manana…