Ok, I’ll admit it… I really like the desk. It’s in my hall and gets a tender little stroke when I walk past it. I have to get up close and personal with it because my hall’s not big, and it would be rude not to acknowledge its presence when I have to squeeze so close. I do try not to get attached to the stuff I buy, but it doesn’t always work. Earlier this year I had a thing about a bureau. It hadn’t sold after a couple of weeks, so I happily decided that it was mine. Then it sold and I was depressed. I’m over it now, but the desk might just be my latest crush:

The desk

Knocks spots off my Ikea desk!

These chairs are going to be fun to paint. I’m planning on matching the paintwork with one of the colours in the upholstery, but haven’t decided which one yet:

French style chair

Annie Sloan ‘Antoinette’ would look pretty, or maybe a soft blue:

Pretty upholstery

For those of you who have been waiting for a freebie fabric transfer; I was only joking they were posted today, so you should receive them by the middle of the week. Instructions and a small practice transfer are included. If you’d care to send me a pic of your finished item, I’d appreciate it and will include them in a blog post at some point in the future.

Work was started on a spinning chair today. I don’t often paint furniture white, but quite fancied a change. I also did some work to the ‘other’ bureau, which isn’t quite right yet. Hubby put two of the handles on back to front, so I faffed with those for a while, and then decided to re-work the inside a little. Then it was time for the dreaded unloading of furniture. An oak dresser and a large chest of pine drawers were incredibly heavy to move, so tonight my arms ache and I’m looking forward to a soothing hot bath…