I’ve had a very busy week, hence the silence, but there’s something I wanted to share. It’s a bit of an indulgence, but what the heck…

I donated a painted chair to a charity, fund raising auction, which took place last night. I took the chair to the venue on Wednesday and the person I spoke to knew nothing of the auction, so I plonked it in the hallway and hoped it would be found. I’d wondered what to donate and thought that a chair was a safe bet. The chair was painted in fairly neutral colours too, so as to match most types of decor.

I didn’t attend the auction and heard nothing today, so wondered if no-one wanted to bid on it. I was a little sad. How embarrassing it would be… going to collect a chair that no-one wanted to bid on. Perhaps it was still sat in the hallway, looking lost and forlorn. On my way to the paddock this evening, I saw someone who did attend the auction. I asked how it went. Yup, it was a good evening. Then I asked if they could remember a chair going through the auction. “Oh yes, it got a huge round of applause; was it one of yours?”.

Not too sure, but I think it raised £220.

I’m over the moon:-)

Self indulgence over, I’ll catch up with you all after the weekend.

Oh, and if you happened to buy the chair… THANK YOU!