I’ve just finished the second item in milk paint. I haven’t gone for the chippy look this time, just a straight forward paint job. It took four coats to get coverage, which is a bit hard going on a large item, but all turned out well in the end.

There was much cursing as the chest was lifted outside to photograph, and my biceps are well and truly bulging (eat yer heart out Popeye).

Here it is:

Pine chest of drawers, painted in ‘Buttermilk Cream’ milk paint

The colour is ‘Buttermilk Cream’ – which is a lovely, old fashioned, rich country cream shade.

The knobs weren’t painted – I decorated them with some vintage bicycle images instead:


Vintage bicycles decorate the drawer knobs

Having spent the weekend teaching, I was hoping for a chilling day today. I sort of got one…. the central heating was on the blink! So, there was no rest for the wicked; I soon realised that sitting shivering was far more arduous than getting on with something useful, so I went to work.