Thought you might like to see one of the items refurbished by a ‘student’ during the Furniture Painting Course last weekend.

It’s a farmhouse beech chair that’s been painted in Annie Sloan ‘Antoinette’, with an ‘Old White’/’Florence’ blend on the seat:

Pretty colours aren’t they?

The paintwork was lightly distressed, then the outline of some cutlery was traced onto the chair. The cutlery was then painted free-hand with acrylic art paints:

Pretty good eh! But of course Fiona had a superb teacher;-)

Alas, Fiona sent me an email informing that I’d worked her too hard and as a consequence she had gone down with the lurghee on Monday. ‘Treat em mean and keep em keen’ say I:-)

If any of the ‘others’ (yes, you know who you are:-)) send me a pic of their work, I’ll post them on here as and when.

I’m not planning on running any other Furniture Painting Courses this year, but could be persuaded if anyone is interested… Drop me a line if you are.