It was hubby’s birthday yesterday, so I had a day off. We went to Lincoln shopping, then had lunch, which was lovely. I’ve been really busy lately and just hadn’t taken time off, so it was really nice to just sit and eat and chat for a while. A ‘spot of light lunch’ turned into a three course Italian meal, with cappuccino to follow. I used to go to Lincoln fairly regularly, but have gotten out of the habit. It was a ‘country bumpkin comes to town‘ kind of experience as many of the familiar shops had changed hands or closed down. Eager to maintain my status as an International Sex Goddess, I’ve stocked up on thermal socks, woolly gloves and a new bobble hat for the Winter.

Then it was back to reality… it started to rain on the way home and I hadn’t mucked out His Lordship’s stable, so I did a quick change into my usual uniform of jeans and fleece and set to. His Lordship had a visit from the dentist earlier in the week. It would appear that all’s well in the gnashers department; he bit me coming out of the field gate (in a crafty move, when my back was turned, closing the gate), then bit hubby whilst we walked up the lane. His Lordship was very pleased with himself and his teeth.

I refurbished a Chippy telephone seat during the Furniture Painting Course last weekend, but needed to make a seat pad, slip cover to go with it. I used one of my fabric transfers, which has some pretty pink roses on it, to match the Annie Sloan ‘Antoinette’ pink paint:

Calico seat pad with vintage birdie transfer

Here’s the whole, blatantly girly, shebang:

Chippy telephone seat, painted Annie Sloan ‘Antoinette’

I’d hoped to have gotten a couple more items finished, but haven’t; this week has flown by.

I’m off buying this weekend. Although I’ve already got quite a few items of furniture-in-waiting, I could do with a few more things to see me through the next couple of weeks or so. My dad is going to the viewing with me tomorrow. We spend half the time in complete agreement over some items and the other half squabbling over the merits of others. After half an hour, the pleasantries die away and I just snap “Nooooo” when he points to something hideous. Don’t feel too sorry for him though, he uttered “Oh bloody hell, I’m off” during the last visit, when I was on my knees sniffing the inside of a cupboard. Me! An embarrassment! Never! 🙂

So, next week, I shall have to knuckle down to some serious refurbishing. I want to finish the antique desk, and there’s a chair that also needs finishing, and a couple of bureaux. Looks like I’ll be quite busy and looking at the weather, I might just need my new bobble hat.