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No sooner had I finished one item in ‘Antoinette’ (the telephone seat), that another needed finishing off. It’s one of these chairs:

French style chair

I bought two of them a couple of weeks back. The first coat of ‘Antoinette’ went on over a week ago, but I didn’t get around to doing the second coat until today:

Chair painted in Annie Sloan ‘Antoinette’

The upholstery has shades of green, pink and blue; I pulled out the blue and green in the floral carvings, leaving a little of the original wood stain on show for contrast:

The chair was very fiddly to paint; working around good upholstery makes for slow progress. I may switch colour-ways for the second chair and paint it blue, with the detail in pink and green.

The antique desk is taking shape. The first coat of paint went on today, but I’d lost the light by the time I’d finished clearing up, so didn’t manage to grab a pic.  All being well the painting will be finished tomorrow.

I should have been at an auction today, but yesterday’s viewing wasn’t too thrilling, so I decided to give it a miss. I’ll have to go out on my travels next week to buy some new goodies, but do have a few items in reserve if nothing turns up.

Hubby has been busy doing the prep on an oak dresser, which I’ll cast my beady eye over tomorrow. This dresser is going to be Farrow & Ball. I have a new shade that’s been waiting in the wings, so might use it on this dresser.