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I know I promised pics, but I’d lost the light again by the time the painting of the desk was finished. It hasn’t been waxed and tweaked yet, but already looks quite different to how it started out. I’ve kept the flame mahogany drawers; they were too good to paint over, but the plainer shell, now painted in Autentico Vintage ‘Nearly Black’ looks quite dramatic in contrast to the veneered drawer fronts.

The French style chair I’ve been working on was waxed and finished yesterday:

French style chair, painted in Annie Sloan ‘Antoinette’

Once the desk is done, I’ve got a (prepped by hubby) dresser to paint. It’s a toss up between Farrow & Ball ‘Dove Tale’ or ‘London Stone’.

I decided to go for an adrenaline rush this evening. Jasper needed his feathers (hairy ankles) and ergots (peculiar horny ‘thingies’ that grow out the back of his ‘ankles’) trimming. He’s ticklish and grumpy about being trimmed on his legs and I had several near misses as a hoof whizzed past my ear. His goatie beard was also for the chop, but he’s pretty good about having his facial hair trimmed; probably because he’s incredibly vain and I tell him the trim makes him look VERY handsome. His Winter coat is coming through and it feels very thick and warm. It’s quite short at the moment, but come December it’ll be a couple of inches long. The cooler weather has made a difference to his demeanour and he’s been quite sharp and naughty when being led out the past few mornings. I breathe a sigh of relief when we reach the paddock in one piece and still together!