I could lie and say that I’ve been painting it (the desk that is) with a brush the size of a gnat’s whisker, hence the wait, but it’s just that other ‘stuff’ has gotten in the way.

Due to today’s high winds, I went with hubby to Cheshire to deliver a wardrobe. We didn’t get it loaded until after lunch because the gales this morning were just too strong. I had visions of hubby trying to unload the wardrobe and a big whoosh taking it sailing across the Cheshire countryside. Mind you, it was Farrow & Ball, so would have blended into the countryside very tastefully.

So, tomorrow I should hopefully finish the desk. And if all goes according to plan, (well, there’s always a first time!) by the afternoon I’ll be sanding back hubby’s prep work painting a large oak dresser.

By the time we got back from Cheshire it was nearly dark and I had to go and fetch Jasper from the paddock. Through the gloom, I could just about see the length of the paddock and Jasper was nowhere to be seen. I whistled and shouted him and he appeared at breakneck speed, in a total panic because I was a little late. So I’m stood in the middle of a field, pacifying a ton of heavy horse, telling him that the monsters won’t get him and everything is fine. Such was his trauma that he had to have 3 Extra Strong Mints to soothe his nerves. He then walked up the lane with his tongue hanging out to cool it down.

Pics of desk to follow… sometime before Christmas…