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The desk was finally tweaked, waxed and finished today:

Antique desk, painted in Autentico Vintage ‘Nearly Black’

As you can see, the flame mahogany veneers were left; they’re just too good to paint over:

Flame mahogany veneers

Some smudges of gold were added to the edges, just to add a touch of opulence.

Tomorrow I’ll be second coating a large oak dresser that I’m hoping to get finished before the weekend. I’m on a busman’s holiday next week, helping out hubby with some electrical work in a school, so could do with the weekend to prepare myself for the slave driven, miserable time I’m inevitably going to have week ahead.

I’ve a couple of bureaux lined up for my return from the wilderness and a large fancy chest of drawers that’s going to be really nice to work on.

Pics of dresser to follow…