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The latest refurb (a dresser) should have been finished today, but it needed yet another coat. This is the fourth coat that’s gone on (and that’s on top of two coats of primer) and I’m not a happy bunny. It’s a lovely colour (Farrow & Ball ‘London Stone’) and not too pale, so quite why the coverage has been so poor is a bit of a mystery. Never mind, I’m sure it’ll look good once it’s re-assembled. I just hope a fifth coat isn’t needed as I’ve just about used the whole pot and it won’t stretch to another coat.

I’ve bought a huge empire dresser/chest of drawers. Hubby doesn’t like them and was grunting and moaning as he moved them on the sack barrow, but I think they’ll look very distinguished once refurbished:

I’m not convinced about the handles on the drawer fronts:

Something a little more striking will, I think, suit the drawers better. I’m thinking that some glass knobs will look quite elegant and classy, but I’ll have to remove just one first, to make sure that there isn’t too much ‘scar tissue’ to repair.

And just look at the trim around the drawers:

I’m going to have some fun bringing out all the best features on this Big Bertha.

As I’m helping hubby next week, the drawers will have to wait a while, but in the meantime I’ve got to sort out a colour for them. I’m thinking that a really deep, midnight blue will look good, with some cobalt knobs. But a lot can happen in a week, and there’s plenty of time to change my mind:-)