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I suppose it’s a little bit like one of those interior design shows. The designer might just have one small item, such as a client’s pottery vase, to build a room’s colour scheme around. That little pottery vase provides the basis for the choice of wallpapers, paints, soft furnishings, light fittings etc. From a little tiny spark of inspiration, a whole room, or even house can be transformed.

And that’s what it’s like with my ‘stuff’ sometimes. I don’t always pick the paint/finish before the little ‘finishing’ touches; sometimes the ‘finishing’ touches come first. I was looking for some nice glass knobs for Big Bertha (in case you missed my last post, here she is):

Because of the large size of the empire dresser/chest of drawers, I fancied something dramatic. Pastels would look too insignificant, but black might look too severe on such a large item. That’s when I thought a midnight blue would look dramatic, but also ultra chic. So, I started looking for blue glass knobs to match my colour scheme… I found some I liked, but they were £20 each and I needed eight! I found cheaper ones, but they didn’t cut the mustard somehow, so I kept looking and looking… I found pale blue knobs that might look wishy washy against a midnight blue. My search went on and on…

I went on a bit of a detour, and found some clear glass knobs that I liked, but there were only four of them, and they were vintage too, so I wouldn’t be able to match them easily. I found some ceramic blue knobs that were lovely, but they were too small, as were some mercury glass knobs that took my eye. Then I found these:

And my heart skipped a beat. But they weren’t blue and they weren’t clear glass either, so I kept looking and looking, but my thoughts went back to these glass knobs time and again. I slept on it and then bought them this morning.

So now Big Bertha will be refurbished around these knobs. Not too sure of a paint colour yet, but the softness of the shade of glass will give leave for me to go either way with a colour choice. Black would be softened by the feminine hues of the honey coloured glass. Or a classic grey would match nicely, as would a warm, or cool beige.

I’ve all week to decide, as my sabbatical starts tomorrow. I won’t be posting for several days, but will cover Big Bertha’s refurbishment when I get around to her.

The oak dresser should have been finished this weekend, but it’s had a tantrum. The four coats of paint turned into five in places and there’s a problem with the top cabinet doors. So, it’s on hold whilst I’m off, but at least I’ve an almost finished item to get stuck into once I’m back from the wilderness.

Bye for now.