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Well I should be in Nottingham helping hubby, but one of the testing machines threw a hissy fit yesterday, so we’re down to one and I’m off the hook.

I’ve made a start on a bureau instead:

Inside of bureau, painted in Annie Sloan ‘Emperor’s Silk’

The inside is being painted in Annie Sloan ‘Emperor’s Silk, whilst the outside is Autentico Vintage ‘Cappuccino’. Lovely warm colours to be working with on a misty, Autumn day.

I’m planning on painting a deep red rose on the inside and also have some pretty Frenchy images to embellish. Oh, I do love refurbishing bureaux; they are such a lovely canvas to go a little wild with.

I’ve got a load of sewing samples lined up too, but they will have to wait a few days, as there’s another bureau in hot pursuit of this one.

Progress pics to follow…