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The first bureau is all but finished:

Bureau painted in Autentico Vintage ‘Cappuccino’

Not the best of pics; I’ll get better ones in the next day or two. The walnut veneers compliment the Autentico Vintage ‘Cappuccino’ paintwork nicely.

I painted the red rose on the inside, then added some French script, which I promptly smudged, so that will have to be re-done today:

Now for my next trick:

The veneers on this bureau are also very striking, so I’m also keeping them ‘as is’. I’ve already done the prep on the bureau, so can get straight on with painting this morning. I’d planned on doing the artwork for some new fabric transfers today, but hubby was in a bossy mood. He was already in position to help me move the bureaux at half seven this morning, and it was easier to go with the flow… I’m grumpy in a morning, Jasper is grumpy in a morning (he was snorting for attention whilst all the furniture moving was going on), and hubby is grumpy most the time, so I just moved the bureaux. The artwork will have to wait until another day.