I’ve been working on some new designs for my wooden knobs today. It’s been a bit laborious because I don’t have PhotoShop, but after today’s work, it’s now on my wish list. Apart from making the work quicker, I think/hope that PhotoShop will give me a more exciting menu to play around with. Word is just fine for writing letters, but it’s a little bit limited when it comes to editing pictures.

Mademoiselle Giselle has made an appearance, but she’s now little more than an inch tall (and I thought I was vertically challenged:-)).

I’ve done more work to the second bureau, which I might wax later this evening:

The bureau is stood in my hallway, hence the crappy pic.

If the weather holds out, both bureaux will be photographed ‘proper’ tomorrow, and I’ll post some decent pictures.

The oak dresser needs a little attention before finishing, so that’s on the weekend’s ‘to do’ list. Once that’s done and dusted, I’m planning on spending much of next week working on some new artworks and making up samples for some new fabric transfers. If we get a warm spell (yeh, right), I may paint a few small items, but I’m not banking on it; today has been freezing.

My lovely laid back Barrister’s Horse has been replaced with a grumpy, nippy thug, who spent part of this evening leaping about in the middle of the road, when a very small car tried to pass at a snail’s pace and giving us a very wide berth. I waved apologetically at the careful (and no doubt terrified) driver, but didn’t look in their direction, such was my embarrassment. The cool weather always makes him sharp and there’s a Jekyll & Hyde transformation in his demeanour. His Lordship could do with a new winter rug, but what with his size, it’s always difficult to find one to fit him properly, so I guess he’ll have to make do and mend. He has one, well worn rug which fits him beautifully, but the manufacturer stopped trading and everything else I’ve bought just makes his bum look big:-)