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Well, they (the bureaux) were photographed today, once the weather warmed a little.

My eyes were streaming this morning when I took Jasper to the paddock; it was freezing. His Lordship wore his turn out rug for the first time this Autumn. He wasn’t impressed and nipped me when I was putting it on. After scoffing a couple of carrots, he wandered into the paddock, rolled in the mud, squealed and then set off at speed to greet his neighbours. The timid mare in the next field looked somewhat shocked to see a ton of heavy horse heading towards her at speed. I also looked somewhat shocked at the ton of heavy horse belting across the field and did wonder if his braking mechanism had improved at all. It hadn’t and he just sort of stuck his back legs out and slid to a halt just inches from the fence. The little cob next door let out a surprised scream:

Bob the cob

Once I got back from the paddock, I spent a couple of hours working on the new designs for the knobs. The hot coffee was particularly welcome and I eventually warmed up enough to get cold again photographing the bureaux:

Walnut bureau, painted in Autentico Vintage ‘Cappuccino’

The inside of the ‘Cappuccino’ bureau.

Walnut bureau painted in Autentico Vintage ‘Nearly Black’.

The inside of the ‘Nearly Black’ bureau

The dresser will have a little tlc tomorrow and if all’s well, it will be photographed.