Hubby is up at my parents workshop, putting the finishing touches to the dresser. It’s too gloomy to take any proper pics today, so it’ll sit in the workshop until we get brighter weather (next March maybe?). It’s been a problematic refurb; the paint coverage was poor, resulting in a total of 7 coats (2 primer + 5 top coats), and the doors have needed work to get them to shut more easily. We also decided to remove the leaded glass to the top cabinets and replace it with chicken wire; the old glass just wasn’t secure enough to leave as is. So all in all, the dresser has been hard work and has outstayed its welcome in the workshop. It’s time it was for sale.

I drew the short straw and endured the delights of Sunday supermarket shopping. I hate shopping.

I’ve prepped some wooden knobs for the new designs, which I’ll work on later this evening or tomorrow, depending on what takes my fancy:

I need to practice some artwork, so that might take precedence, depending on my mood. I find that I have to be relaxed to get anywhere with arty farty stuff, and if I’m a bit rushed then it’s a waste of time because my patience wears thin and I make a hash of things. I need to paint a couple of roses, one pink, one red, for some new fabric transfers; I may well make a start on some practice runs of those this evening and see how it goes.

My ‘to do’ list for next week keeps growing and what was initially a nice steady trot of work is looking evermore like a brisk canter! But, there’s lots of new stuff to work on, so it should be interesting.