Today has been busy. I spent the morning get orders ready to go out and this afternoon working on my new ‘stuff’. There’s loads of samples left to do, but I’ll get there. Here are some vintage clock face cupboard knobs, which I’ve worked on today:

Vintage clock cupboard/drawer knobs

They should be ready for photographing ‘proper’ tomorrow.

Mademoiselle Giselle has also made an appearance:

Mademoiselle Giselle

She’s a bit temperamental; you know what these fashion designers are like, artistic temperament and all that … Didn’t take too lightly to being reduced to an inch tall and threw a tantrum or two. Mademoiselle was even less impressed with sharing the photograph with a £1 price tag, taken off my new pair of woolly gloves:-) She too may be ready for the limelight tomorrow.

I’ve a load of Christmas fabric transfer samples to sort out, so I expect the sewing machine will be hot tomorrow. I’m planning on posting some mini-tutorials for the Christmas transfers; nothing too complicated, just a few ideas. They should be ready later in the week, assuming my relationship with the sewing machine remains luke-warm, rather than chilly:-)

Yesterday evening I got my art materials out and messed around for a couple of hours… No photographs I’m afraid; there’s room for improvement! I may resume where I left off later.