Forgive the title; it appeals to my strange sense of humour.

This isn’t a tutorial per se, just a quick tip for making a Santa sack.

We didn’t have Christmas stockings for putting gifts in as children, Santa saw fit to raid our airing cupboard and he used a pillow case instead. Santa knows best and all that, so I followed suit.

I ironed one of my transfers (well, one on either side as the sack is a sample for photographs) onto a cream poly/cotton pillow case, then sewed on a hessian cuff and some ribbon to make a tie. I also made a bow from the same coloured ribbon and glued it in place. And that’s it… a large Santa sack.

I’ve just listed the fabric transfers; you can find them here:http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-LARGE-CHRISTMAS-VINTAGE-STYLE-SANTA-MUSIC-IRON-ON-FABRIC-TRANSFERS-/321015871757?pt=UK_Crafts_Sewing_Supplies_MJ&hash=item4abe09790d