I made another stocking today and decided to do it with a cuff. I saw this on Pinterest:

and thought how pretty it looked. I then looked at the price tag $77 and thought I’d have a go at making something similar, but longer, to sample one of my transfers. Yeh, no problem for an old pro like me…

…Having spent several hours stitching and faffing and trying to fathom if I’d pinned the toile the right way up inside the stocking (I hadn’t), then faffing some more when it clicked that the seam on the toile had been sewn on the outside, then having a ground hog day with ribbon tying, then melting the organza with my glue gun… I decided that the price tag of $77 was a bargain and I should have just bought one and ironed one of my transfers on it:-)

Anyway, here is the stocking:


complete with toile the right way up:

and un-melted organza ribbon:

I also made a cushion today. It was made as a sample for the Three French Hens fabric transfers, but this one is now on my sofa, where it is quite at home:


The French Hens transfers can be found here:http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2-x-MED-THREE-FRENCH-HENS-CHRISTMAS-VINTAGE-STYLE-IRON-ON-FABRIC-TRANSFERS-/321015984311?pt=UK_Crafts_Sewing_Supplies_MJ&hash=item4abe0b30b7

I’ll be glad to get back to painting when all this sample making is out of the way, I’m not a natural when it comes to sewing!