Yesterday was my birthday. I treated myself to something very special; sheer indulgence; a wanton splash of opulence and luxury.

Nope, not a nice new pair of Italian shoes…

Nope, not some fancy designer clothes…

Nope, not some sparkly bling….

…I bought myself one of these:

It’s a Wooster ‘Silver Tip’. It’s beautifully soft, but a bit bigger than I’d expected… I may have to get one or two in smaller sizes too.

And the indulgence doesn’t end there! Hubby is buying me a new pair of steel toe caps too. I wear them all the time when I’m refurbishing furniture, and also when I’m with Jasper; his huge feet have a habit of landing on my toes.

I’ve been sewing again today. And unpicking too. The red hessian sack I’m making isn’t quite finished yet, but here it is just before the first sewing and unpicking stage:

The red hessian was too dark for the Eiffel Tower fabric transfer, so I made an applique with some soft beige fabric to stitch on the front. My ideas got a little ahead of my talent and I decided to sew a fancy red stitch around the beige fabric, but it didn’t turn out well at all, so I unpicked it all and went for a straight stitch instead.

I’m hoping to get most of the sample sewing finished in the next few days, my ‘Silver Tip’ is chomping at the bit for a test drive on some furniture. Can’t wait!