I keep forgetting what time of year it is. Having been holed up all week, sewing in solitary confinement, I’ve gone a bit batty. All the Christmas stuff around me has lulled me into a false sense of festivity. Had anyone called to the house this morning, they’d have gently suggested that I seek counselling, as my hallway and lounge were full of festive goodies, waiting to be photographed. It was so bitterly cold outside too, that it felt more like the end of December than the beginning of November.

Jasper’s new coat is starting to thicken, particularly his belly fur, which is soft and dense. I’ve upped his feed a little, now that the cold has set in and the grass has stopped growing. He waves a foot in the air, with sheer delight whilst eating his dinner. He still has ‘baby food’ consisting of a high fibre mash, which was his staple diet during the worst of his illness, but it’s now fortified with Pasture Mix, apples and carrots. A veritable equine feast.

I haven’t done any sewing today, which was nice, although I was sewing until late last night, determined to get a cushion finished, so that I could have a sew-less day today. My furniture courier picked up a couple of items this afternoon; one of them was extremely heavy and my hubby was absent to help with the lifting, so I drew the short straw. It was a relief when it was safely in the van and winging its way to London.

I’m now missing painting. The busman’s holiday has done me good and I’m looking forward to getting back to what I feel at home with. But first, there are a few more samples left to sew. I’ve done some work to a sexy stiletto shoe image this evening and I can’t wait to see what it looks like on some fabric.

Here’s the latest of the samples I’ve made:

This is a large Christmas sack, made from red hessian, with an applique on the front and some organza ribbon sewn around the top. The hessian was around £5 a metre and I used just over half a metre on the sack. The beige fabric is a Romo, linen fusion fabric remnant, left over from a dining set refurb. I use quite a lot of Romo fabrics; the quality is very good, but they do cost an arm and a leg and I think this fabric was around £25 – £30 a metre. The fabric transfer is one of a set of four Eiffel Tower’s that each have a different festive flavour.

The cushion is made from a heavyweight calico and wool fabric, which has a lovely drape to it, but is a bugger to sew because it has a little stretch to it. It has the feel of a very pricey fabric, but was less that £3 a metre. I fancied black and white toile to match the dark shades of the vintage pram fabric transfer, but added a splash of colour with the bright red, satin ribbon.

This pouch, with Santa’s keys, is made from the Romo fabric mentioned above.

And this one has a sleigh transfer. The fabric is the beige, Romo linen fusion.

The fabric transfers can be found here:


And here:


And here:


And here: