I was walking past our rubbish bins, when I stopped in my tracks and stopped breathing too. Eyes wide and pulse racing, I asked hubby what the 2 items were doing on top of the black bin. “Oh, they’re no use, so I’m throwing them out“. I stood up straight, so as to give 6ft 1″ hubby the full benefit of my 5ft 3” height. “No you’re bloody not” said I. Hubby looked perplexed.

The said 2 items are now safely sat by my kitchen radiator, keeping warm and recovering from the shock of nearly being evicted from Barrister’s Horse Towers.

The said 2 items are gems; diamonds in the rough no less. They might well be carpenters storage thingies at the moment, but one day soon they will be spice storage thingies, that will command the very best seats (well worktops) in a country farmhouse kitchen. I’ve been planning their cosmetic surgery, which isn’t going to strip them of their vintage patina, but rather add to it. I think the inside of the boxes will be painted and varnished, for hygiene purposes, but the remainder of the timber will be left as is, with the addition of some vintage script.

I shall have to think of a better title for the vintage twins, ‘spice storage thingies’ doesn’t quite do them justice.

Here they are:

Well, I did warn you they were diamonds in the rough:-)