It’s a big brown thing, the biggest thing in the lounge as a matter of fact, but it’s disappeared? I can’t imagine that anyone has stolen it, it’s seen better days and a burglar could hardly tuck it under his arm and make a run for it. So, it’s a complete mystery as to where my sofa is:

Christmas cushions with fabric transfers

The pic shows the fabric transfer design I mentioned last night. I had a slight mishap with the cushion cover. It was too long and bagged a little at the ends, so I did the obvious thing (obvious to me that is) and sewed a bigger seam at one end. That did the trick; the inner fitted nice and snug… but the transfer was no longer central. Bugger! So I stitched a bow on it to disguise the gap a little. A relative will no doubt receive the cushion for Christmas and spend boxing day staring at it, wondering why the design isn’t central:-)

I’ve still got more sewing to do *pah*. On a brighter note, I had a eureka moment this evening. I managed to wind the bobbin with fresh thread without having to resort to reading the manual for several hours. It is a little worrying I must admit. I can get the gist of constructive trusts, covenants and easements, bad character evidence, good character evidence, and any amount of other tricky bits of law, yet can’t thread a sewing machine without looking at the pictures time and again:-)

If the weather is a little milder tomorrow and time doesn’t run away with me, I hope to do a bit of painting… If nothing else, I’m an eternal optimist!