I’d hoped to do some furniture painting yesterday, but didn’t get chance. I did manage to grab some pics of the latest fabric transfer:

I haven’t been able to face any more sewing, but do have a couple of samples left to do… sometime… soon(ish).

Tomorrow I’m off to an auction viewing. I’m not desperate for raw furniture, I’ve enough to keep me going for a couple of weeks, but supply doesn’t always meet demand in my trade, so it’s best to buy as and when nice items come along.

Today has been a day of mostly paperwork. Frustrating and boring, but alas necessary. I did manage to do a little bit of design work to some new knobs and some design work for a custom order. My lunchtime was spent at the paddock, with wheelbarrow and bucket. I usually keep topside with clearing the paddock of horse droppings, but haven’t had enough time the last week or so. Three barrow full’s and 60 droppings later, I called it a day, but it’s unfinished business! At one point, I left the wheelbarrow to get some droppings with my bucket, from the far corners, only to turn around and see Jasper scratching his back legs on the (now) upturned barrow (and contents).