I went to the auction viewing with my dad today. There are a number of my bread and butter items short-listed, and then there’s the special one. It’s big, it’s lovely, it’s got locked drawers and doors. Oh, and it’s got no key. I bought an oak sideboard with the same problem last year. I begged and borrowed any amount of keys, but nothing fitted and three weeks later we had to take the back off the sideboard to gain access. We then had to remove the locks from the inside to release the catches. So I really ought to learn by my mistakes, but without a little love affair (with a furniture item!) here and there, my job would be incredibly boring. It’s the heart skipping moments that spark inspiration and make all the hard work worthwhile. The beauty in question has incredibly sexy curves, lovely legs and lots of pretty walnut… “Get your coat darlin’, you’ve pulled”.

This is the auction I’ve blogged about before; it’s the one with more than its fair share of odd-balls. Today was no exception. Luckily (for me), it was my dad that had the main problem with a particular odd-ball. Despite there being somewhere in the region of 800 lots, this odd-ball was only interested in the particular items that my dad was looking at. Space is very tight and there’s wall to wall furniture, but to make matters worse, odd-ball is opening drawers and inspecting the same items my dad’s looking at and at the same time. Odd-ball is leaning over my dad and completely invading his space. I distanced myself, wary of the fact that my dad can seem perfectly fine, but then be incredibly rude when his fuse blows. He did well and kept his cool, but I could tell by his expression that he wasn’t best pleased.

On the way home (allegedly), my dad said “I’ve got some bad news”. “What’s that?” said I, holding my breath. My dad has cancer, and I feared the worse, expecting him to say that his condition had worsened. “You’re going the wrong way” he replied. And I was! We were heading off to London. I’ve driven the auction route a hundred times; quite why I went the wrong way is a mystery. Oh well, guess I’m just another auction viewing odd-ball.

Now it’s time for me to type up my auction short-list and work out my maximum bids. Pics of winning bids to follow…