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The auction proved fruitful today and I’ve well and truly replenished my stock of raw furniture. I’ve bought a few pieces that aren’t my usual sort of style; one is a large retro drinks cabinet. It won’t be painted, but needs a little smartening up. Oh yes, and it also has a locked cabinet door. Whilst we’re on the subject of locked doors, I also bought the item that I’d set my heart on yesterday. It’s a huge, fancy, Italian sideboard, with curved, burr walnut doors and carved, stubby, Queen Anne legs. The drawers and one of the doors are locked and there’s no key. The one door that did open revealed an interior in good condition, so I just hope the rest of it is okay if/when we get inside it.

A carved telephone seat, a groovy retro tub chair, an antique chest of drawers and a retro bureau were also purchased, along with some Georgian/Victorian pine doors. I usually stick to furniture, but liked the look of the doors, so thought they were worth a bid, and let’s face it, you can’t have too many doors:-)

I’m quite looking forward to working on this latest lot of furniture; there’s so much variety.

Today’s weather was dry and still, so I finally managed to get the elusive dresser photographed. Not before time!

Solid oak dresser, painted in Farrow and Ball ‘London Stone’

So, it looks as though my sewing machine will be resting next week (yay) and my Wooster Silver Tip will, at last, be given a test drive (double yay).

Most of the furniture I bought today  is still at the auction house, but I’ll post some pics when it comes home.