I bought a chunky, dark oak telephone seat at the weekend. Well actually, it’s more like a miniature settle; it’s got a lift up seat/lid with storage beneath:

The previous owner, obviously an interior designer with an eye for style, added a black curtain tassel to the lion’s bum, to furnish him with a tail. Lovely:

The retro bureau at the side of the telephone seat was also purchased. I don’t think that will be refurbished for a while, as I’m going to do another Underground Art on it Like this one):

Legal London Underground Chest of Drawers

…and it takes time, so the bureau will be a ‘filler in’ when I’ve got spare time here and there. At the moment, I’m thinking West End Girl, with favourite shopping tube stations: Covent Garden, Oxford Street, Kensington, Knightsbridge…

I bought a very, very retro tub chair:

It’s not my usual thing at all, but I sat in it at the auction and grew to like it. The legs are metal and stick thin, with rubbers stops on the end. Wouldn’t Jean Shrimpton or Twiggy look just perfect sat in it? It’s to sell ‘as is’, but I might make a little 60’s style cushion for it. I do seem to have a problem with ‘as is’ and always feel that I’ve got to ‘meddle’ with the furniture I sell. Guess I’m just so used to working on stuff that it feels peculiar selling something straight out. The chair is sat in my ‘office’ (ex dining room)… it’s always risky when I do that; the furniture seems to settle in quite nicely and I’m reluctant to let go.

I’d hoped to grab pics of the bigger stuff, but we were losing the light by the time they were unloaded and we were tiring somewhat. There are still some pine doors to collect; we couldn’t fit them all in the van, but at least the really heavy stuff is safely home.

We all oohed when the Italian walnut sideboard was lifted off the van. It’s a beauty, and hubby, dad and I stood stroking it before it was heaved into the workshop. I hope to do a good job on it; it deserves it. But first, those drawers and doors need to be opened! I’ve a bag with a diminishing collection of old keys in it and will give those a try tomorrow. I often find that something fits, but the key holes look a little large for my mostly small cabinet keys.

I’m going to be busy!!!