I couldn’t quite believe it, the very first key I tried to open the retro sideboard/drinks cabinet worked. The now opened cupboard had a spare key inside it too, along with a fancy old key, that’s very pretty, but didn’t fit the lock.

The inside of the cupboard revealed immaculate retro paper, lining the shelves. The shelves themselves are in good order, but once I’d washed and dried them, I put the paper back; it suits the era of the piece so well.

I haven’t measured the sideboard yet, but it looks to be about 6ft long:

retro sideboard

The back of the (dusty!) glass cabinet is lined with mirror tiles:

mirrored back to sideboard

The reflection in the tiles shows my crammed table, brimming over with paint and other ‘stuff’. The sliding glass doors are etched with a fruit bowl design:

etched glass to sideboard

I spent a fair while just washing everything down; it was very dusty. Once it had dried off, the light was starting to fade, so I’ll have a look at it in good light tomorrow and then decide if any more work is needed.

The little retro chair has also had a clean, and I’m now deciding whether or not to make a cushion to go with it. I have a lovely picture of Jean Shrimpton that would look just perfect on a cushion.