I guess most of you won’t remember Gina Lollobrigida. Well here she is, with her curves in all the right places:

Why can’t I have a waist like that?

Well, in honour of one shapely sex goddess, my big Italian sideboard has been nick- named Gina. She’s currently doing the thing that most ageing screen goddesses do from time to time – having a little nip and tuck, here and there.

Here she is pictured without her drawers (what a tart):

Walnut sideboard

Just look at that wood! And those curves. The legs are quite shapely too:

Italian sideboard

Gina also has a black glass top, with an etched design:

What a show-off she is.

As luck would have it, one of the keys I found in the retro sideboard fitted Gina, so we were able to get the locked door and drawers open. The drawers are sticking, so my dad is doing the nip/tuck on those. I did a little work to the walnut veneers this afternoon and will be painting the plinths and legs over the next few days.

Not quite so ‘in yer face’ is the little retro cupboard I bought last weekend:

retro cupboard

It has a red formica top, with the classic 50’s air vents in the cupboard doors. The cupboard is a bit scruffy inside, so I’m going to clean it up a little, but the outside is staying as is.

Having spent much of the afternoon lifting pine doors to measure and photograph them, my muscles are now aching a little, so it’s time to do something a little more delicate… coffee and cake I think:-)