You saw Gina yesterday, in all her Mediterranean glory, so it seems only right and proper to be patriotic and add a Brit to the beauty parade. Here’s 60’s super model, Jean Shrimpton:

Emblazoned on a cushion, placed on a 60’s tub chair:

retro tub chair

I’d love to tell you that the idea of matching a 60’s super model and a 60’s tub chair  was by own brilliant innovation and eye for design, but it wasn’t. When I bought the chair at auction last weekend, the auctioneer looked at me and said “You can just see Jean Shrimpton draped in that chair, can’t you?”. Well yes you can, thought I. And that was it, the spark of inspiration came from a throwaway remark from an auctioneer.

And as for Gina, I’m afraid she’s been subjected to some improper advances by my hubby and father (yup, two dirty old men, named and shamed on this blog). Not content with removing her drawers, she was then wrestled onto her back, before her legs were groped for quite some time. The excuse being that one of em needed a bit of reinforcement:-)

Fear not, I shall put Gina back on her feet, pop her drawers back and make sure that she’s regained some decorum for the next photo shoot.

The retro sideboard cum drinks cabinet was photographed today. It’s quite different to my usual furniture, but I liked the look of it and it was quite nice to have something that didn’t need multiple hours of refurbishing:

retro sideboard

The inside is very 60’s sparkly:


Hopefully Gina won’t be too long in the make-up department. Pics to follow…