Gina has the embarrassing problem of sticking drawers, or rather did have. My dad spent much of the day working on her drawers (what a gent:-)), whilst I prepared her for the cosmetic surgery. Gina now needs painting, but I probably won’t make a start until Sunday. I’m hoping to get her finished by early next week, but she hasn’t exactly been compliant to date (typical theatrical type!), so I’m not holding my breath.

I’ve also been stamping some fabric. I use it quite a lot for embellishing keys and ‘stuff’ with my furniture and have had a few emails asking if I sell it. It seemed silly to keep saying ‘no’, so I’ve been doing a few extra strips and will put them up for sale when I’ve got enough put by:

hand stamped trim

Not the most exciting way to spend an evening, but my next task is to paint a few dozen knobs. Drying times are so much slower now… I can’t pop things out in the sun to move things along a little more quickly, so I have to try and keep ahead with stock levels.

My arm muscles are very toned at the moment. Yesterday evening was spent moving a dozen, heavy pine doors, and today I was moving Gina about. I suppose if business goes quiet, I could always become a professional arm wrestler!