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The painting of the Italian sideboard is underway. Hubby snapped a few pics with his mobile phone, but they’re a bit blurred and don’t really do justice to Gina. Here she is anyway:

She looks quite petite in the photo, but she’s a big girl. All being well, the painting will be finished tomorrow and I’ll do the waxing/finishing Tuesday.

I’m using one of my favourite paints – Autentico Vintage ‘Nearly Black’. It looks quite grey in the photo, but once the wax goes on, the paint acquires more depth.

One thing that’s puzzling me; Gina’s drawers have no knobs/handles? We were debating whether to furnish her with some today, but I don’t want to spoil the smooth curves. And it’s where to put them too? They can’t go above the keyhole because the lock is in the way and put below the keyhole, I think they’d look a little odd. We debated putting knobs on each side of the drawers, but weren’t convinced they would look right. Without knobs/handles, the key has to be used to pull a drawer open. I’ll ponder some more once the the painting is finished.

I’m planning on some bits of bling too. Gold leaf can look really good or really awful, but I’m thinking that Gina is the sort of piece that could carry some touches on the carved detail. I’ll have a better idea once I’m a bit further on.

The 50’s formica cupboard is up for a little work next week, just to the inside. It’s the first time that I’ve worked on a 50’s retro cupboard, but it will be a trip down memory lane – my gran had one just like it.